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Thread: would like some help with this one

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    Lightbulb would like some help with this one

    I really could of used the help you guys give one another It took me a long time to get my own way down n I have more then one level I have a qustion I know I'm new to this site but i would still like some help I still have many qustions. K here it goes The out of body I can relax my whole body and med and to the pont of out of bodys I mean looken at my self on the bed out of bodys and going to other plans now I cant seam to control when they happen I med to relax and it seams like every once in a while that happens I would like to control it. Have any of you Had anything like this?

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    Harlock Guest

    Default RE: would like some help with this one

    your allowing yourself to wander, i cant quite understand you fully but i think i get at what your getting at put htis in the astral section OBE (out of body experiance) is called astral projection, im afraid the only thing i can think of off the top of my head is meditate, and try to stay in that state alone for awhile, then "go astral" for a bit, come back, remain meditative, take a break then do so the next day, you have to learn control over what you do, others might be able to help you out more

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    isis Guest

    Default RE: would like some help with this one

    ur lucky i cant seem to do an obe. i wish i could i think i can if i had some help

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    Harlock Guest

    Default RE: would like some help with this one

    you just need help relaxing probally in this day an age we have to be everywhere at once, so we never get a chance to calm down and center ourselves

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    isis Guest

    Default RE: would like some help with this one

    thinks i will try it that is if the guy would leave me alone.

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    Lady Dunsany Guest

    Default RE: would like some help with this one

    I have been astral travelling since I was three. I am now into doing it during the day when I am awake. My husband sees me at the computer then in another room it drives him crazy. At night I usually hang out at the Other side but sometimes end up in the not so divine astral world. I am working at being in my body of light and not my physical body. It is my goal.

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