Terrible Past-lives and lessons Terrible Past-lives and lessons
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Thread: Terrible Past-lives and lessons

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    angeress Guest

    Default Terrible Past-lives and lessons

    Past Forward Rule: The Terrible Truth About How Karma Works

    This link is controversial, and I know many might of been aware of this link.
    A sign of a extremely hard previous life is Scorpio in Saturn and if anyone has this in their birth-chart it shows that they have suffered in a previous existance.
    I apparent am a student of past-life as well, and I remember making a thread on all these murderers and criminial like Ted Bundy, Josef Fritzl, Myra Hindley about previous lives and it was deleted. I these type of threads do not get deleted in this Occult forum, because we have to explore everthing in a adult-like manner. Now this is very blunt and it can sound very callous, but it is the laws of karma, a suicide will come back but as a disabled person. The reason is that lifes lesson should be learnt properly, but I happen to be a carer in my off-line life to these people .

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    I don't believe in past lives or karma, it is what was made up to control the masses.
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    Can someone please tell me about my past life a psychic reading perhaps.

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    angeress Guest


    Sorry about the link folks, but I will see if I can fish another one out. And Zelda you are right in some respects that reincarnation is a tool to control the masses because the Hindu high castes use this to tell people of lower castes that they are in their caste for bad deeds.
    I do believe in re-incarnation.

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    angeress Guest


    The Terrible Truth About How Karma Works

    I have enclosed this link because that link in itself has ceased to exist.
    Terrible past-lives can colour your karma now. I have heard, now do not take this wrongly that disabled people have been suicides and they are disabled in this life-time for karma to teach them that taking your own life is no good.

    In Hinduism, many of the bigoted elements use the caste system for a agenda, and to control the Dalit masses they claim that bad deeds in a past life was the reason that they are toilet cleaners of this life time.

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    angeress Guest


    A astrological sign of a terrible past-life is usually the sign of Scorpio residing in Saturn. Usually a murder victim, a victim of terror or abuse has had this sign in their chart but the best thing is that in this lifetime, that strength is a great help for them.
    One woman had a extremely violent husband in this lifetime, and she had a past life regression and found out she had roughly 4 lives with her husband.
    One life was that the husband executed her in the Middle East (but after a horrific torture), the next life was that the woman was a murder victim of the husband,the next life was the next life was that the husband and wife were married but the husband deserted her for a trivial matter, and most worringly the most alarming life was that this man was a abusive father to the woman.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    It is ridiculous to blame what is going on in an astrological chart. i know plenty of people with Saturn in Scorpio and they lived long lives and died peacefully. Do not put too much in Astrology as it will turn you into an emotional cripple. It is not the chart set up it is what you do with the life lessons to be learned. There are no bad signs or bad planets, they are only in a chart to guide not control us.

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    Sara D Guest


    Suicides are said to come back, but they don't have to come back as a cripple, most come back to do it all over again. Angeress you live too much in the Dark side of life and need to re valuate the difference in letting your beliefs rule you, it is morbid.

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    angeress Guest


    I need to let go of the Dark Side because for the past couple of years I have been surronded by negative sorts, esp via the Internet. I am actually in the process of healing myself.
    I do think that wonderful lives though is a result of a great karma.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    Yes you need to heal.

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