The 'Good'fight link on Satanist organisations The 'Good'fight link on Satanist organisations
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Thread: The 'Good'fight link on Satanist organisations

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    angeress Guest

    Default The 'Good'fight link on Satanist organisations

    Good Fight Ministries - Truth About Satanic Cults

    Now what a bunch of muppets they really are, they should understand that not all of humanity are sheeple like they would hope us to be.
    BTW, about that Manson family killer who is in the link, I do not admire her at all but despise her for killing an unborn child. Many religious people I have seen are the most narrowminded folk in the world.

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    angeress Guest


    Anton LeVay was not at all involved in the Manson murderers, and this is a piece of codswallop used by the God Botherers just because Susan Atkins was in the review shows of Levay.
    Levay actually treated the Manson family with contempt, and did anyone know that Sammy Davis Junior was a personal friend of Levay. As for the waffle about human sacrifice, these people have to PROVE IT before talking the waffle.

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