My views on Charles Manson My views on Charles Manson
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Thread: My views on Charles Manson

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    angeress Guest

    Default My views on Charles Manson

    I have written this thread in the Satanist section, because certain sectors actually admire this little runt of a man.
    Charles Manson has many admirers who are God botherers too, but I do not like this man because he is a useless, talentless vermin who believe it or not got turned down for, wait for it, THE MONKEES?????
    Vermin like him I detest.

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    angeress Guest


    Charles Manson and the Family - CharlieManson.Com

    Here is a link to this runt, and believe it or not many folk actually visit the forum. What I detest about Manson is that he was very anti-black, and LeVay knew of him at the time and thought he was of NO IMPORTANCE.
    This is what I dislike, just because Susan Atkins did a Witch Review for leVay, they seem to think that LeVay was a huge influence to that Manson.
    A talentless cretin.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    Charles Manson was a sick and cruel individual, his ability to influence his followers makes me angry! He is in prison, has medical care, and access to a computer, it boggles the mind.

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    angeress Guest


    Manson has so many arselickers, who apparently will class themselves as Satanists. More like they are useless fodder to create a sacrifice with.
    Manson was no Satanist and neither was he a Religious man, but a extremely disturbed character who should of been put in a mental home ever since his teens. Manson was a racist, a child molester, a murderer and he was classed a some sort of 'success' because of the 1960's.
    A true Satanist would admire Polanski, but not because of his crimes but because he is a true talent.

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    ZeldaFitz Guest


    Good answer.

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    angeress Guest


    The real target for the murders was Doris Day's son, who promised this limited talent a record deal. The bosses of the record company just did not think much of his persona (a good persona is needed for success too), but Manson being Manson sort of blamed this Day's son.
    Conviently for him, he moved and the Polanski's moved in and unfortunately a terrible murder on a pregnant woman occurred.
    The community of Hollywood was all in turmoil after the event, and that actor Steve McQueen was even sleeping with a gun under his pillow.
    Whoever worships this Manson must realise the real Charles Manson, and as for Marilyn Manson, his success derides from cover versions of big songs.

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