Affirming Self. Affirming Self.
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Thread: Affirming Self.

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    Default Affirming Self.

    I thought this is necessary but I'm not sure where to post it. Since ''satanism'' is basically ''Left Hand Path'' oriented I thought this should go here.

    It is a biological necessity to have a distinct internal environment from the external environment. On the cellular level, this is seen as cellular membranes. On the organismal level, this is seen as our skin.

    The Left Hand Path is focused on a belief in the Self as well as a focus on power. The Right Hand Path is focused on a belief in the external universe as well as a focus on Truth.

    While my own thoughts focus on the concept that there are impersonal truths, I also believe that most truth is personal. For this reason, I believe that lessons are personal and thus learning impersonal truths are something that the ritualist should focus on but not become absorbed in. An obsessive focus on anything will make a person feel that, whatever it is they are obsessing on :

    1. Center of the universe
    2. That they are the object of obsession
    3. That they don't exist.

    In occultism, a person who submits or acquires such obsession will inevitably become a slave to such obsession. However, this isn't a perfect world and obsessions are built everyday. The mind needs to be in a dynamic state or else it will stagnate and decay. Thus it fixates on specific things and becomes obsessed with it. The robotic state of mind (how a person goes about and just mindlessly does things like the dishes) is responsible for this.

    ''Be careful of the gods you create, for soon they shall make you in their own image.''

    Samael was said to have broken free from God's grasp and thus created the universe around us. Lucifer rebelled for the sake of free-will. Set broke free from Nuit/Nuin and thus established his Self.

    Crowley sought to give universal consciousness/external world/natural order the name ''Nuit''. The Illuminates of Thanateros gave it the name Chaos. The difference here is that by viewing the external world as ''Chaotic'' one becomes God of their own life-experience. Viewing something so vast as the Universe in the sense of it being Ordered would make someone think that the universe is thus more powerful than them and thus can overtake them. They would feel tiny compared to it.

    This ritual is designed to make someone affirm their sense of self. Thus in a state of isolate consciousness, one is able to recreate themselves in the way they desire... to CHOOSE their obsessions and also affirm power over them.

    First, ''draw'' a circle(this could be done with energy). This is the circumference of one's being.
    The circle should be fairly large. Symbols and objects representing various obsessions and aspects of one's self should be placed around the circumference of the circle. The traditional objects representing the elements should be placed at their respective corners. This symbolizes one's Nature and general course of things. The room or area should be as dark as possible. No distractions should be around.

    Incense that is pleasing to you should be burning. Saturation of the senses is vital. One should be well-fed, clean, and taken care of entirely before hand. No distractions.

    A single candle representing the Self should be placed in the middle of the circle. This is your Higher Self. Kia - Perception and Will.

    The lighting of the candle is the beginning of the ritual. Hadit is the name that Crowley gave to one's consciousness/spark of divinity. Nuit was often seen as a circle while Hadit is the dot within it. This is also The Sun in astrology which also represents ''The Self''.

    First is the summoning and invocation of Chaos. This should be something that is off of the top of your head and possibly poetic. Chaos is all consuming and all begetting. It is creative and destructive. It is beyond duality. Thus it is beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. It simply IS.
    A chaotic state of mind is required for this.

    I will give a representation of summoning Chaos and invoking.

    The Summoning/invocation:

    ''Chaos, great and terrible
    beautiful and grotesque
    creative and destructive
    so active you appear to be resting
    so quiet that one's ears are ringing with your screams
    I call upon thee to invade this circle
    that you may dance upon this circle
    and thus dance upon my heart

    Chaos, there is no distinction between me and thee
    You are infinite and I am finite
    yet you are beyond duality
    thus do I dissolve in thee
    for I am you and you are me
    and we are One''

    Now begins the drinking or smoking of intoxicants. A symbol of the 8 pointed star of Chaos could also be burned in the candle to be symbolic of Chaos entering the circle. As you indulge, you are taking Chaos within yourself. You now must become as chaotic as possible. Dancing could be done. You could also masturbate which requires you to orgasm but not lose yourself in the pleasure of it all (not recommended... since most people become unconscious or pass out after this). The dark and chaotic gates lead not to Hell but Heaven!

    Then when you are finally lost completely in madness, blow out the candle and perceive yourself. Calm yourself. Sit in silence and then when you feel comfortable enough... RUN/RUSH out of the circle. You have broken out of all of your qualities, all of your obsessions, you have broken out of Chaos and thus you have created yourself as Set has. You have broken free from the universal order that once held you prisoner and thus you have broken free as Lucifer has. You are now free, the God of your own Life-Experience - thus you are able to create yourself and the way you want the world to be... Just as Samael has. The next hour should be focused on what you want to be and what you want the world to be. Write it all down and then put this parchment of power underneath your pillow or in your wallet/purse.

    Life, Health, and Strength to you all.
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    Those who Fall will find their Heaven
    and will always be adored.

    In Plaudo Atri Matris!

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