I'm going on a bit of a venture tonight. I've found a house that has been cursed and is haunted by poultergeists, and I'm going to clean it. I don't often pull out the whole pomp and circumstance ritual, but I thought that tonight would be a good night to do so. Now even in this case, I'm still not worried with many of the ingredients of a normal ritual, so fill in what you'd like if you need them.

This part of the night will be done outside, and will have to attract as little attention as possible, so I am going to use as little bodily motion as I can.

Purified Quartz-Hematite Wand (This tool is used to draw the circle around you. Hands or any version of this type of tool will work as long as the intent is there.)

Purified Sea Salt

Purified and Blessed/Charged (With the Intent of Banishing) Water

Like I said this will be simple so that I do not attract notice of neighbors. I don't advise sneaking onto another person's lawn at midnight, but I'm going to do it anyway.

The hours should be between 12:00 am and 3:00 am. That is the only major requirement.

Draw your circle in the air with whatever tool you've decided upon. This does not have to be inside the house. As long as you are near to it (yard, next house over, ect.) it will be fine.

After you do that, focus your intent within the circle. Charge the circle with the intent to find the spirit(s) you wish to banish.

When you feel that the charge is enough, release it, and feel for the spirit(s).

When you locate them, they'll notice you as well. This is when you prepare the water and salt, by mixing them.

Feel with your mind where each spirit is. Then when you feel that spirit, either in your mind or verbally, say "you are banished." Then drop some water on the ground within your circle. That water is the astral remains of what you are banishing, and it will fade in short time when the earth absorbs it.

When you are finished, close your circle, and dispose of the salt-water.

That's the basic banishing. It's not really that difficult at all, and it doesn't even require much.